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Cessna Citation Dry Lease

We offer for Nationwide lease the Cessna Citation 550 and 560 models the most popular business jets of all time known for their highly cost effective operation and Cessna’s reputation for safety and reliability.

Our Citations can carry 1500 lbs of people and bags over 1800 nm range at speeds reaching 500 mph.

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Private Jet Comparisons

Fractional Light Jet Programs

  • Typically you are buying a 1/16 to 1/4 share in a light jet. You can expect to pay from $300,000 up to $500,000 up front for that share for a three year commitment.
  • If you total all of the owner share values, the owners are over paying for the plane by a factor of two to three times the planes market value.
  • In addition each share owner pays a monthly management fee starting at $8,000 to $10,000 per month.
  • Finally, you are charged for your actual usage of the aircraft at an hourly rate of $1,900 to $2,200 per hour. Prime Hours and Holidays are also restricted.
  • Total yearly usage of 100 hours will cost you in excess of $700,000 per year or $7,000 per hour.
  • Current Lease rates for Light Jets are nearly $10,000 per flight Hour.

Part 135 Light Jet Charter or Jet Cards

  • You are billed at an hourly rate of $3,000 to $3,800 per hour for your flight, plus additional fees.
  • The issue becomes, if you are staying at your destination for several days the plane is going to return to its home base and then return to get your party for the return flight which essentially doubles your travel costs. Instead of 100 hrs of travel you are doubling your costs.
  • Your travel of 100 hours can easily become 150 to 200 hours for an annual cost exceeding $600,000 per year or $6,000 per hour.

Woodbine Part 91 Dry Lease Program

  • The Part 91 Dry Lease allows you to operate the aircraft on your time and on your schedule. The Lessee has full operational control of the aircraft.
  • Under a Part 91 Dry Lease the Lessee is responsible for hiring and paying the pilots, paying for the fuel and related operating expense.
  • You can use your own qualified pilots or there are highly qualified pilots available on a short or long term contract basis thru numerous online web sources for a short a period as one day.
  • Woodbine pays for and provides all maintenance, repairs, insurance, licenses and permits.
  • 100 hours of usage in one of our Citation’s including plane, pilots, fuel and related costs runs less than $300,000 per year depending on your individual flying or $3,000 – $3,400 per flight hour. Other than a nominal deposit, there is no up front fees and we will bill you as you fly.
  • Significant Cost Savings of up to 50% or greater on your private light jet travel.
  • Maximizes Your Cash Flow


  • Our Private Dry Lease Program can offer you savings up to 50% or greater compared to Fractional Programs or Jet Charter Cards.
  • Give us a call or email us and we can provide a tailored program for you.
  • Phone (330)733-9482 or email us at gt@woodbineaviation.com

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a FAA Part 91 Dry Lease?

Under the FAA Part 91 Dry Lease regulations requires that the Lessee be in full operational control of the aircraft at all times. Which means that Woodbine only provides the aircraft to you to operate on your schedule. Woodbine does not provide pilots or fuel for the planes operation. The Lessee is responsible for full and complete operation of the aircraft at all times including hiring the pilots, paying for fuel and related expenses.

Can Woodbine Lease the Planes for Individual Flights?

Woodbine operates under the FAA Part 91 Dry Lease regulations and we do not offer or operate individual flights. Woodbine only offers Citations for long term or multi year Part 91 Dry Leases and we do not provide or offer short term or individual flight services.

Who Hires and Pays for the Pilots?

The Lessee is responsible for both hiring and paying for the pilots which are available to the Lessee from several national web sites or employment agencies on a contract basis for a short a period as one day. You can expect to pay $1,000 to $1,200 per flight day on average for a contract flight crew plus their expenses.

How do we find qualified Pilots and Crew?

You can provide your own qualified type rated pilots or there are numerous nationwide web sites and employment agencies with access to qualified pilots which are available to you on a daily or long term contract basis.

Who Pays for the Fuel and Operational Expense?

The Lessee pays for all operational expenses including all fuel, landing fees and hangar expenses. We have national fuel savings programs that you are able to utilize.

Who Pays for the Maintenance and Repairs?

Woodbine pays for and provides all required maintenance and repairs.

Who pays for Insurance?

Woodbine pays for and provides insurance at $5,000,000. You can as well obtain additional insurance coverages over our policy limits.

Where can we fly?

All our planes are licensed and insured to fly in the US, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.

Additional Questions and Rates

Please contact us at (330)733-9482 or email at gt@woodbineaviation.com

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